Monday, March 12, 2012

making pizza pretty

sometimes we all need a little help.

and one way to help is by making and taking meals.

my friends welcomed a sweet baby boy into their family.

all she wanted was pizza.

"pizza, are you sure you dont want something a little more home cooked?"

nope, just good ole pizza.

well, i aim to please.

so, pizza it is.

i just had to add a little pretty to it.

colorful plates,



plastic silverware,

and a fun striped paper straw for big brother tied with a bow.

pretty, practical, and no clean up.

i always appreciate the little details.

it can be something so simple.

ps. to be honest, i totally forgot her sweet tea!


i guess i was having too much fun picking out plates and napkins!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

busy, busy

i have been pretty busy, to say the least.

it seems as if everything is during the beginning of the year

until the end of school.

we headed up the marriage retreat,

i worked on the women's retreat,

and now i am heading up the decorating for our school's basket auction.

throw in a holiday and a couple of short trips and you can title it busy, busy.

here are a couple of pictures of the table settings i did for the

marriage retreat.

my favorites were the

flower arrangements,

the menu,

and the name placecards.

very simple, elegant, and budget friendly.

its a busy time but busy with what i love to do!

p.s. photography is not one of my strong points.

wish i had taken better pictures.