Thursday, February 16, 2012

valentine hearts

i am a little late but i just had to share these little sweet hearts.

i love how they turned out.

even more, i love how easy they were.

lucky for me because i made all 45 of them the morning of valentines

and was able to hand them out during their valentine parties that afternoon.

i have been so busy the past couple of weeks.

so now that valentines has come and gone

i can take a break.


i hope you had a sweet valentine's day!


  1. How adorable! Hugs and Blessings, Cindy

  2. Hi Julie! Got your comment on the garden post today, and to answer your question about getting a reply to my last comment on your blog, I didn't get it. About the wine boxes, I'm definitely prepping them this year. I rubbed them down with a couple coats of Danish oil and have just been letting them sit in my garage until I'm ready to plant, which should be soon!

    Your Valentine treats are adorable!


  3. Ahh, I love these! What a fun way to use those little candy canes. Definitely going to keep this in mind for future treats.

  4. How cute are those! I love them!


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