Monday, January 31, 2011

brownie candy cups via bakerella


this weekend was my better half's birthday!

we made him these yummy brownies with his favorite,

reeses peanutbutter cups!

they were very easy to make and just think of the different things you could stuff in these brownie cupcakes!


Monday, January 24, 2011

life:beautiful magazine

have you heard of life:beautiful magazine?

its a christian magazine.

and i love it!

its full of

inspirational articles,

bible verses,

simple and pretty tutorials,

and some yummy recipes!

you can go here to find out where to buy it or to sign up for a subscription.

i'm signing up for mine today!

you wont be disappointed!


Monday, January 17, 2011

antique flooring love

i found this wonderful wood flooring on craigslist.

it is from an old cotton gin built in the 1800s!

they are practically giving it away.

and i want it!

i would love to have this throughout my whole house.

the thing is, i would not want to put it in the house we are living life in now.

i want it for my "forever" house which i am hoping is our next move.

but that would mean i would have to fork out the money now and find somewhere safe to store it.

and we are talking about another four to five years!


i really want it!

i cant stop thinking about it!

so, do i buy this



dreamy antique flooring or pay for my children's tuition for next year.


of course i pick the children!

so, if you want to donate to my dreamy antique flooring account just let me know.



Monday, January 10, 2011

vintage crewel fabric

i went to my favorite antique store and found this beautiful vintage crewel fabric!

it was hiding behind some shutters.

there are beautiful flowers, leaves, and birds throughout it

and i love the blue, green, and taupe colors!

it also has a few stains.

any suggestions on how to clean this type of fabric?

i am not sure what it was used for before.

it came in one long piece.

so, i am thinking pillows!

got any ideas?


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

well, happy new year


well, happy new year!

ok, i know it is the 4th (already?!) but better late than never!

if you are here and still with me, thank you for checking in!

i am so excited about a new year!

a fresh start to try something new and to be better at what is important!

i, like everyone else, have a list of things i want to accomplish in 2011!

projects around the house,
losing weight,
saying no,
going with the flow,

and to be the best wife and mama i can be!

i hope to post more this year and be to be more creative!

i am ready to jump in!

are you?