Thursday, October 27, 2011

halloween gifts

why not give halloween gifts?

i love giving gifts!

especially to our teachers!

and especially when i get to make them!

these were made with a

tin can,

some scrapbook paper,

crepe paper,


pipe cleaner,

and some pom pom fringe!

the kids loved giving them to their teachers

and the teachers loved getting them stuff with their favorite candy!

and when thats gone they have a fun pencil holder!

Monday, October 24, 2011

celebrating in october


this is a very special month because its my baby girls birthday month!

our birthday celebrations last for a week.

this year was the first year i decided not to do a party.

it was a hard decision!

i love putting together a party but i felt like i needed a break.

it wasn't an easy decision but i let myself take the year off.

however, we did celebrate!

we had a celebration at school with her class,

we had a celebration at the park with her two best girlfriends,

and we celebrated disney princess style!

all in all, i think my baby girl had a blast turning six!

i love you jilly bean!