Friday, August 12, 2011

fun school supplies ~ lunch box notes




ok, so now we have the backpack and lunch box taken care of. now its time to fill those bags with some love. i plan on tucking in a couple of love notes here and there for little surprises throughout the year. whether its the first day, a test day, or just because. there are so many free printables out there but these are a few of my favorites that i wanted to share.

created by me

created by me

you could even design your own.

i am having some fun with picnik.

tuck them in their lunch box, school book, or notebook.

they are sure to bring a smile during the day!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fun school supplies ~ the lunch box

monday we talked about some cute backpacks.

thats great for all the folders, papers, and books.

now we need to figure out what to do for lunch.

well, i am sure you might of already heard about the packit.

i have yet to use one and they are not giving me one for writing this post.

i just love the concept.

i am always worried when i pack their favorite yogurt, cheese,

or really anything in their lunch box.

i mean, how cold and fresh are they when they go to devour them?

i am so happy that this will not be of concern this year.

the packit can go directly into the freezer and will stay cold up to ten hours!

so, now i can pack anything their little heart desires!

i ordered the polka dot for her and the solid blue for him.

one way to make making lunch alittle easier.

they are having a bogo sale for a limited time.

cant wait to try it.

let me know if you have tried one and what you think.


Monday, August 8, 2011

fun school supplies ~ backpacks


i can not believe my cuties start school next week!

where did the summer go?

i think this was one of the fastest summers.

its funny how their little bodies start to go alittle haywire towards the end.

like they are ready for some structure.

i am sad that its coming to an end.

you see, my baby is going into kindergarten.

that means both will be in school every day, all day.

i feel like i am going to experience empty nest syndrome.

but to keep my mind focus on the excitement of a new year,

i am having fun finding some cute school supplies!

since my baby girl is starting "real" school, she needs a backpack.

we had a polka dot backpack picked out and ready to order

but i wanted to look around alittle more for something different.

i am so glad i did!

look what i found on esty!

these sweet custom backpacks by paige holliday.

they come in three different sizes

and you get to pick the mix of fabrics you want.

she has the cutest fabrics to choose from.

for girls and boys.

and she is wonderful to work with!

i had a hard time deciding, so i let go and let her pick which one she wanted.

and here it is!

cute, right?!

of course, we are having her name embroidered on the front.

i cant wait to see it!

you know they need a backpack,

why not let them be alittle different with a cute, custom backpack?

go visit paige and let me know which one you picked!

have fun!