Friday, July 8, 2011

smore on a stick!

so simple!

*toast one end of the marshmallow.

{ we used our kitchen torch that we use for creme brulee }

*insert the stick on the toasted end and dip the non-toasted end into melted chocolatee.

{ we used the candy melts from the craft store. it stays hard and does not melt. }

*while the chocolate is still wet, dip into crushed graham crackers.

*place in the refrigerator for 10 - 15 minutes.


they had a blast at VBS last week at our church!

i headed up the "encouragement team".

as a team, we each had a day to bring in a little treat to say thank you to our awesome volunteers!

i found this great idea here and knew it would be a hit.

i mean, we are talking about a smore on a stick!

how can you go wrong!

wouldnt these be perfect for a camp themed party?

thats what i am thinking about for noah's next birthday.




  1. Oh my ... what a great idea! I am sure the volunteers LOVE them {it would have been so well recieved by me that I may just have devoured the whole batch :)}

  2. Brilliant idea! Love it :) - my kids would too

  3. i love it! i'm a s'more lover :) and i love treats with a little corny note. seriously!


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