Thursday, July 28, 2011

our coffee table

i have been wanting to share pictures of my home for awhile

however, i am terrible at taking good pictures.

i have tried but they just come out blah.

i guess i think my home looks better in person.

here is my attempt of some pictures of our coffee table.


i wanted to show you the coffee table that my sweet husband made for me.

i have been looking for a table since we moved in almost five years ago.

he made this one for me last month.

and wouldnt you believe that i found a perfect ( i hope) table!

so, i wanted to show you the table even though it is not completely decorated

before things change!

if you have any tips on taking better pictures of your home,

please share!


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  1. what a great table!!
    i love it :)

  2. Hi Julie,
    I have been out of the loop for a while...your table look! I know what you mean I have the same problem taking pics, practice, practice, practice...I want to see more! Hope you are having a nice summer!

    Best wishes,

  3. i love that table! and that he made it for you?! woohoo!! we have two wooden boxes (made by target!) for coffee tables. when we got the wii a few years ago eric said the coffee table was in the way and these boxes are our compromise!!

  4. Love the table! Great style! BTW, I nominated your blog as part of a "7 Links Project"!!! Swing on over to my blog and check it out for details! Hugs!


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