Thursday, July 28, 2011

our coffee table

i have been wanting to share pictures of my home for awhile

however, i am terrible at taking good pictures.

i have tried but they just come out blah.

i guess i think my home looks better in person.

here is my attempt of some pictures of our coffee table.


i wanted to show you the coffee table that my sweet husband made for me.

i have been looking for a table since we moved in almost five years ago.

he made this one for me last month.

and wouldnt you believe that i found a perfect ( i hope) table!

so, i wanted to show you the table even though it is not completely decorated

before things change!

if you have any tips on taking better pictures of your home,

please share!


joining the party at the shabby nest

Friday, July 8, 2011

smore on a stick!

so simple!

*toast one end of the marshmallow.

{ we used our kitchen torch that we use for creme brulee }

*insert the stick on the toasted end and dip the non-toasted end into melted chocolatee.

{ we used the candy melts from the craft store. it stays hard and does not melt. }

*while the chocolate is still wet, dip into crushed graham crackers.

*place in the refrigerator for 10 - 15 minutes.


they had a blast at VBS last week at our church!

i headed up the "encouragement team".

as a team, we each had a day to bring in a little treat to say thank you to our awesome volunteers!

i found this great idea here and knew it would be a hit.

i mean, we are talking about a smore on a stick!

how can you go wrong!

wouldnt these be perfect for a camp themed party?

thats what i am thinking about for noah's next birthday.