Monday, March 21, 2011

welcoming spring or summer

welcome spring!

or for us in florida, it feels like we are welcoming summer!

we did have the perfect springtime weather for the last few weeks

but this weekend it is starting to feel like summer is making an entrance!

i am finally switching out my winter to spring/summer details!

i am ready for the change of decor but i think i have opened a can of worms!

there are so many projects i would like to do which has me feeling a little loopy!

i am hoping to finish a couple of little projects around the house tomorrow!

what about you?



  1. i cant wait for the real change of seasons. i think spring will just fly by, but i'm hoping to get my groove back by summer. i love summer.

  2. The calender says spring...but it may snow here this week...yuck.


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