Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lego invite

here are a few of the items that turned into this...

noah's lego birthday party invitation!

it looks like a lego brick, right? i hope!

its that time again!

party planning!

i love it!

i am in full lego party mode!

i have been planning and ordering and crafting!

this was a fun and easy invite to make and the kids loved it!

i have said it here, and here, and here!

i love a 3-d invite!

i will be sharing the other details soon!



  1. What? That is awesome! You are so creative! My son, even though is 12, would love that!

    Thanks for stopping by! I have been popping in every once in a while to see what you are up to!

  2. You're the Bombdiggity when it comes to the 3D invite!


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