Friday, December 17, 2010

brown sugar pecans

warning: these are very, very addicting!

i am blessed to have so many wonderful people in our day to day life!

i love to give each of them a little gift, so i try to come up with something simple but special!

this is what i came up with this year!

red and white houndstooth cones with a "merry christmas" note filled with the sweetest treats!

brown sugar pecans!

here is the recipe, but dont say i didnt warn you!


16 ounce package pecan halves

1/2 cup of butter

3/4 cup brown sugar, packed

2 teaspoons vanilla

1/4 teaspoon salt

melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. while the butter is melting, preheat the oven to 325 degrees and spread the pecans in a foil lined 9x13 inch baking pan then set aside. add the brown sugar, vanilla, and salt to the melted butter and stir for 1 minute. remove from heat and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves. pour over the pecans and stir to coat. place in the oven for 25-35 minutes stirring every 10 minutes. cool the pecans on a sheet of wax paper.

heres where it gets tricky!

divide them into pretty bags and give them away!




  1. Oh my sweet tooth!!!! Thank you for this recipe.... i'm all about baking this weekend.... this is now on my must make for Santa List!!!!!!

  2. Pecans remind me f my childhood home and of my mom. I am gonna have to try to make these.

  3. Hello hello! I was thinking about how delinquent I have been stopping by to comment, especially as you always do such sweet posts and this one is no exception! Happy times, Lou x

  4. They were so good - the ones that I got to eat anyway - Ben pretty much stole them from me! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi, Julie! Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Great photos of your kids. I'm outside of Orlando in a little town called Oviedo. Love this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  6. oh i wish i had a little bowl of those yummies right now!!
    merry christmas to you friend

  7. Oh my they look fabulous!
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  8. well julie, i'm a little late in commenting on this but those sure made some darling gifts!

  9. Oooh, these look delicious! I think I'd eat the lot in one go if I made them!



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