Monday, November 22, 2010

twig pumpkins

crate and barrel

dont you just love when you find something in a fabulous store or on a beautiful blog that looks just like something you have decorating your home?

well, i know i do!

i give myself a little pat on the back and then run to my hubby to brag!


i purchased these twig pumpkins after the holidays at target!

and that was a couple of years ago!

ps. we are in the process of taking down our fall decorations to put up our christmas decorations!




  1. I know exactly how you feel ~ love those pumpkins.

    We are going to friends for the holiday so I took most of our fall decor down this weekend. I needed a clean slate for a few days before the Christmas bins make their appearance.


  2. I love those twig pumpkins, I have on sitting on my buffet. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fun decorating!


  3. I have those pumpkins as well! Your photos look like they are from Crate and Barrel!

    You have such a pretty blog :)

  4. Target is the BEST! I seriously need to purchase stock in the company.

    And you've already started taking down your fall decorations, wow you are good.


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