Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a day at the market

we went to the riverside arts market last weekend!

it was my first time!

and i loved it!

its on the water and under a bridge!

yes, under a big, busy bridge!

but i was in awe of the the food, antique cars, vendors, the weather, and did i mention the food!

they had different food to eat from healthy and organic to junky but oh so yummy!

we brought home some raisin bread, blue cheese and walnut bread, orange blossom honey, fruits and vegetables!

i think the best part was learning all about honey!

it was just so neat to talk to the bee keeper lady who was more than happy to explain the making of honey to my honeys!

i cant wait to go again!

so, if your ever in my neck of the woods you should check it out!



  1. Oh i'd love to go there one day, looks wonderful!!

  2. those loaves of bread look divine! yum.

  3. what a fun event!
    your photos are wonderful too julie :)

  4. Looks like fun, the bread looks DELICIOUS!Yummy!

  5. Love the pic of Downtown! Makes me wanna go one weekend!

  6. Hey Divaloo, Just thought I'd let you know that thanks to your post on the Riverside Arts Market, I am gona try and schedule it in while my older sister is here at the beginning of December. We've never been and I think she'd enjoy it.


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