Thursday, October 14, 2010

party details

another thing i love is coming up with and creating all the little details!

remember these?

i cut out over 150 with the help of my crafty friend, the cricut!

and they make the sweetest, retro-looking banner!

i made the rosette the same way i made this!

my talented friend, megan, made this beautiful monogrammed apron for my birthday girl!

i made each chef their own apron and personalized placemat!

and of course, we had to make the classic pasta necklace!

all the little chefs went home with a full tummy and a handful of goodies!

what did they whip up for lunch?

come back to find out!



  1. What darlings! You did a beautiful job with colors & implementing your ideas! They all had a grand time, I am sure.

    Got any leftover pasta salad? That looks yummy.
    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Pasta necklaces are the best! Love all the details. It looks like such a fun party idea!

  3. THIS IS AWESOME, JULIE! Holy freakin' cow. You really pulled that off. I adore the idea of the chef hats and custom place mats especially. Brilliant. Maybe I'll score a Cricut before my son's birthday in February. {fingers crossed} He's my kitchen helper so a cooking party is officially on the books after seeing this whether he likes it or not. Haha. I love that apron. I guess I need a monogram machine before then, too...I WISH. Thank you for stopping by tonight. :)

    {Hugs} Jami

  4. total fabulous cuteness everywhere!

  5. So many cute details! I just love it!


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