Tuesday, October 12, 2010

her birthday party

as you can see! we had a cooking party to celebrate her 5th birthday!

she loves to cook!

and i loved coming up with all the little details for this theme!

of course, i didnt get to a few things i really wanted to do!

but that is what procrastination will do!

i cant wait to show you some of the fun pictures taken by my sweet friend and wonderful sister!

so, this week will be all about her birthday party!

and a little fyi, cooking parties are alot of work but worth it!



  1. A cooking party!!!! What a fabulous idea!!!! I cannot wait to see the photos!!!:-)))

    We are gearing up for Chloe's 5th b-day spa party. Hopefully, it turns out!


  2. How adorable is she! Sounds like a fun party.

  3. G'eve Julie ~ What a clever idea ... a cooking party! I love it! And she is absolutely DARLING ... Happy birthday to the wee one.
    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. sweetness!!
    we talked about doing a similar party when cek was little but never did...sigh


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