Sunday, August 8, 2010

~ she made cake ~

she made cake!

in her easybake oven!

did you ever have one?

i did!

she was so excited to have her own pans!

she wanted to do everything herself!

she poured, she mixed, she waited!

and here she is in all her glory!

as you can see, it was finger lickin good!

(really, it was hard as a rock!)

i am wondering if there is a trick to making good cake in an easybake!

her teacher is coming for a home visit and guess what?

i think she wants to bake her a cookie in the easybake!

how sweet!

poor mrs. w!



  1. So darn cute!

    Mrs. W is gonna love her special treat ~ I just know she will tell all her friends about it!

    Have a great week~

  2. I never did but always wanted one! Looks like it was a success!

  3. never had one but soo wished i littlest would give away her brother and sister for one she loves cooking soo much..

    super cute photos!

    melissa ...

  4. To cute! To cute! Have a wonderful day! ~lulu

  5. I never had one, but my best friend did! I remember all that excitement just to end up with a pretty creepy treat at the end :( Oh, well it was fun!

  6. awww... such a big girl! and her teacher will love that cookie... even if it is as hard as the cake! i never had easy bake... and either did my daughter! but i was quite envious of my best friend's holly hobbie oven :)


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