Tuesday, August 24, 2010


this girl is unplugged!
yes! i am without a computer!
no computer access equals one sad, nonblogging girl!
but i am blessed to have my iphone which i can check email and facebook!
i hope to be glued to a new computer soon!
miss you all!

Friday, August 13, 2010

~ where will she go ~

where will these feet take her today?

rainy day,

magic tricks,

movie night,





thats what my day was filled with!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~ a bathroom update ~


so, dressing up the master bath is taking way too long!

i thought it would be an easy and quick process!

boy, was i wrong!

whats the hold up you ask?

picking out the lighting fixtures!

i thought i had found them but during the last two months i have changed my mind at least three or four times!

have i ever told you that i am a very indecisive person! also, a very visual person!

i had picked out a rectangle rug for the bathroom, however it was too small!

so, i am returning it tomorrow to replace it with a bigger one!

oh, and a different one!

oh, and a round one!

see! indecisive!

so, i thought i would at least show a picture of a small part that is complete!

a little pretty, a little useful!

and you can see some of the white moulding that was used!

i am ready to order my light fixtures!

and i cant wait to show you!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

~ she made cake ~

she made cake!

in her easybake oven!

did you ever have one?

i did!

she was so excited to have her own pans!

she wanted to do everything herself!

she poured, she mixed, she waited!

and here she is in all her glory!

as you can see, it was finger lickin good!

(really, it was hard as a rock!)

i am wondering if there is a trick to making good cake in an easybake!

her teacher is coming for a home visit and guess what?

i think she wants to bake her a cookie in the easybake!

how sweet!

poor mrs. w!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~ thankful tuesday ~

i was looking around my pictures and look what i found!

my sweet girl!

this was a couple of years ago!

and i miss it!

so little, so sweaty, so sweet!

i just love how girly she is!

i remember she had to wear that necklace everywhere!

and i love how she stopped steering just to kiss her babies bald head!

i love my babies and i need to stop "steering" life and take a moment to do the little things!

the little things matter so much!