Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~ thankful tuesday ~

i was looking around my pictures and look what i found!

my sweet girl!

this was a couple of years ago!

and i miss it!

so little, so sweaty, so sweet!

i just love how girly she is!

i remember she had to wear that necklace everywhere!

and i love how she stopped steering just to kiss her babies bald head!

i love my babies and i need to stop "steering" life and take a moment to do the little things!

the little things matter so much!



  1. Isn't fun to remember things like a necklace they would wear every day? We found a video of natalie dancing in downtown disney when she was 2 and we had so much fun watching it. Time flies...

  2. This picture is definitely a keeper, she'll love looking back on this when she grows up. PRECIOUS! Thanks for stopping by the other day, it's good to be back bloggy friend :)


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