Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~ i want one ~

shannon bowers design

do you see it?

the horse perched on that beautiful, chippy cabinet!

thats what i want!

of course i would love the whole room

but i will be happy for now to just have a distressed horse!

i have been seeing a few around!

even brooke has one!

and willow decor has one right on her blog header!

so, this little guy is getting a makeover!

just you wait and see!

i found him on ebay!

i think with just a few tugs and pulls

and maybe some paint!

this guy can look like those guys!

coming soon!



  1. I have always wanted one of those chippy little horses! They are just so charming!!

    I can't wait to see his new "do"! :)


  2. You horse already looks great!
    Thank you for including out horse in your post:) I'm thrilled that you found some inspiration at Velvet and Linen.


  3. Yeah, let's be friends! I like your blog, your cute family and that birthday banner. So great. Can't wait to look around a little more.

  4. Hi Julie - I adore that picture too - and noticed the horse. Wonderful. I did see one from (probably sold out now) but I think it was quite expensive! eeek. Lou x

  5. Can't wait to see his makeover :)

  6. I love your horse and cant wait to see what you do with him...gonna be prety I'm sure :)

  7. Your inspiration horses are so cute...can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  8. Can't wait to see it when it's finished!


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