Thursday, June 3, 2010

~ summer pasta ~

i love summer food!

its so light and fresh!

here is another way of using this recipe!

it is so simple!

great for week nights or dinner with friends!




  1. Oh my, that looks delicious! Perfect and light.

  2. Wow.. that looks rad and my kid just said, "Yumm. That looks good." Thanks for the recipe. I am planning on doing a linky thingy next week on sharing recipes so we can jazz up our menus. Bring it on, girl! xoxo

  3. Yum! I am in a light summer pasta kind of mood, so this looks perfect. And bruschetta says summer!

  4. One of my favorites! good luck with the pantry, hit the 99 cent store!! I'll be sharing some sights where I got some great labels as well :)

  5. This is just my style.... can't wait to whip it up,

  6. that looks great! I just love summer recipes and eating al fresco!

  7. Yum! Summer? Only in your neck of the woods. I think we are off to slow start here on the "wet" coast of Canada!

    I will have to try the recipe with fresh tomatoes from my tiny garden patch!

    Your year end party looked like tons of fun. I might copy and tweak a few ideas for my son's schools out party! Our school finishes at the end of June- still a ways to go!

  8. So you have bugs too..hehe. I would not do too much on your stucco. My Dad has a friend that does stucco for a living so I will ask him for ya. He may know of some good safe products to use. We do have a small space of stucco by our front door. I just use a dry broom for now. Good luck~ xoxo Susie

  9. you're one of the ones who i email & just realized your email isn't linked to your blog....darn it!
    oh well.....yummy dish
    have a super weekend

  10. That looks so yummy. I too love summer food, I totally cook more in the summer.

    Love that napkin and table. Can I come over for dinner? hee hee.

    Have a wonderful day.

  11. I'm so ready for summer suppers and fresh goodies from the garden. This looks delish!


  12. Love pasta! Have a blessed weekend. Cindy

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  14. I need summer to arrive! Those kind of dishes do always taste better in warm weather!! =)


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