Monday, June 28, 2010

~ look who i met ~

saturday i made a three hour trip to tybee island!


and it was totally worth it!

i have to admit!

i was a little in awe!

thanks layla and kevin for making a girl feel at home!



  1. How fun! If our IVF is negative, my mom and I will be travelling to Savannah and Tybee to help with the healing process.

  2. How exciting! I saw the note about having an open house on their blog recently and thought it would be so much fun to go. I hope you will share more details about your visit!

  3. they really are sweet and kind :) we're fortunate to have them call our town home!

  4. It was SO COOL meeting you too!
    SO glad y'all came by for the open house!

    Layla :-)


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