Thursday, June 17, 2010

~ gift ideas for fathers day ~

fathers day is coming fast!

and i havent got a thing!

i really want something that he will use and that the kids can help create!

of course, i went to marthas to look for some inspiration!

and i thought i would share some with you!

my sweet hubby is in a mens bible study that meets every week!

and they have reading homework!

i know it will make him smile to open his book and see their sweet faces!

i love these labels!

and you cant go wrong with food!

everyone has to eat, right?

my sweet hubby loves to cook!

he does most of the cooking in our house!

a new sauce sounds yummy!

(not to mention, it looks cute!)

and the kiddos can help put it together!

what are you doing for fathers day?



  1. I love it! especially the jar with the bbq and the brush!

  2. hmmm.. my hubby doesn't cook - love the label ideas though! he doesn't bbq either - he is a cycling fanatic though. i am going to make him a card using a free clip art that "under the table dreaming" posted about. i think the kids and i are going to make him a yummy salmon bbq!

  3. Do you have a recipe for the sauce??? My dad would LOVE this :)

  4. great ideas! I love the labels and the bookmarks!

    We are going to use our roll paper and make a huge homemade sign to display across the garage door. I thought the kids could paint pictures, use their handprints and write out their own Fathers Day greetings.


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