Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~ screened inn cottage ~

so, saturday i made a trip to tybee island, georgia to meet layla and kevin!

but, i also wanted to see the cottage they decorated!

i was able to snap some pictures and thought i would take you on a little tour!

so off we go!

when you get to the cottage you walk up a small path

onto the screened front porch!

when you open the front door you walk right into the kitchen!

i love the open shelving, the "ocean" sign, the pops of color,

and how they placed the table in the center of the kitchen!

and look at those light fixture!

very fresh!

take a left and you will enter the "lettered love" aka the master bedroom!

i love this small turquoise dresser!

next is a tiny bedroom named "sand & sea"!

i did say it was tiny

however they were able to fit two twin beds, a dresser,

and table with room to walk around!

i love the bedding!

then you walk into the family room!

i am loving the soft stripes and the painting above the chippy white cabinet!

and those perfectly blue chairs!

i wanted to take this table home with me!

my sweet hubby was taking measurements to try to recreate one for me!

we will see!

this is the dining table in the family room!

i like that its very casual and can seat quite a few people!

ok, for the last stop on our tour!

the "lemonade mermaid" aka the bedroom!

i love how they were able to fit this twin bed

on the other side of this bedroom!

it fit perfect!

it felt like its own little bedroom!

these yellow shelves were wonderful!

i could of taken those too!

oh! this yellow stool!

there were so many small details i loved!

what a wonderful little cottage!

i am so glad i made the trip!

i almost chickened out

but pete was totally on board and wanted to take a day trip!

i was able to enjoy the cottage and meet some wonderful people!

i love their blog!

so, to meet them in person was awesome!

to bad i couldnt bring them back with me to hang out and help out!

thanks again layla and kevin for sharing your talent with us!

looking forward to more!


Monday, June 28, 2010

~ look who i met ~

saturday i made a three hour trip to tybee island!


and it was totally worth it!

i have to admit!

i was a little in awe!

thanks layla and kevin for making a girl feel at home!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

~ summer bible study ~

are you doing it?

beth moores third annual siesta summer bible study?

i am!

with a great bunch of girls!

we meet every other tuesday night at my house

to indulge in talking, dinner, and more talking!

its an awesome time!

i cant wait to see what God has planned for us!

you should give it a try!

fun, i tell ya!

let me know if you join in!


Monday, June 21, 2010

~ nosegays ~

i love nosegays!

they are so pretty!

so simple!

so classic!

and so easy to make!

these are from her recital night!

i made the first one with pink roses from the store!

pink roses are her favorite!

the second one is from my parents that they purchased from a flower shop!

i love them both!

and so did she!

happy monday!


ps. we are working on the master bath some more today! yay!

Friday, June 18, 2010

~ simple fathers day gift ~

we were at the craft store yesterday! trying to come up with ideas for

fathers day!

i went down every isle! these caught my eye!

plastic sun catchers!

they come in many different shapes!

so they picked out a shape they thought daddy would love!

great choices!

then i let them pick out the colors of paint they wanted to use!

we just used regular craft paint!

being that i have a ton of craft paint in many colors!

can you tell whos is whos?

they even added some silver glitter!

they love the way they turned out!

and so do i!

we were thinking they might look pretty cool hanging from

daddys rearview mirror!

why not?


Thursday, June 17, 2010

~ gift ideas for fathers day ~

fathers day is coming fast!

and i havent got a thing!

i really want something that he will use and that the kids can help create!

of course, i went to marthas to look for some inspiration!

and i thought i would share some with you!

my sweet hubby is in a mens bible study that meets every week!

and they have reading homework!

i know it will make him smile to open his book and see their sweet faces!

i love these labels!

and you cant go wrong with food!

everyone has to eat, right?

my sweet hubby loves to cook!

he does most of the cooking in our house!

a new sauce sounds yummy!

(not to mention, it looks cute!)

and the kiddos can help put it together!

what are you doing for fathers day?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~ her ballet recital ~

saturday was her ballet recital!
she danced to "somewhere over the rainbow"

she was so excited!

she loves to dance!

she is our prima ballerina!

she is following in her mommys footprints!

i loved to dance!

so much that i took dance for thirteen years!

now, i get to experience it again with my little girl!

love you princess!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~ bathroom talk ~

i am so very excited!

we are dressing up our master bath finally!

its a nice space however it is very blah!

i have been ignoring the space

but then i got an email from jess with csn stores!

they have everything from bathroom vanities to hardwood floors

and everything in between!

you have to check them out!

they have asked me to do a review of one of their products!

it was hard to choose

but then i found something i desperately need for my bathroom!

i cant wait to show you!

i have a few items i want to do to dress it up!

nothing elaborate or expensive!

just some "jewelry" for the bathroom!

stay tuned...


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~ comment love ~

source unknown

oh my goodness gracious!

i somehow, dont know how, i deleted all of my comments from my last post!

i was so upset!

but this has made me stop to say

"thank you"

so very much for taking the time to leave such sweet comments!

i truly love reading them!

they always make me smile!

its so nice to hear from my friends out there!

my pledge:

i will not touch the trash container icon again!

hope you will continue to leave that comment love!!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

~ good morning ~

i guess you could say they like playing with their food!

banana cheerios!

happy monday!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

~ summer pasta ~

i love summer food!

its so light and fresh!

here is another way of using this recipe!

it is so simple!

great for week nights or dinner with friends!



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

~ end of the year party ~

the preschool end of the year party!

here is another creative opportunity He threw my way!

and i am so glad He did!

it was so much fun putting together

especially when you have the best parents in the world!

i decided to do a carnival theme!

very fun!

i made pennant banners for each table!

snacks, decorate a cookie, and facepainting!

we also had a bounce house, four fun watersprinklers, bubbles,
and a playground!

of course, a few days before the party i thought of a couple of small things i could have done!

maybe next year!

both big and small had a ball!