Saturday, May 29, 2010

~ welcome summer vacation ~

country living

today was our first day of summer vacation!

i was sad about it yesterday but today i was enjoying the relaxing schedule!

i am looking forward to doing some fun learning with my kids, eating lighter, and just plain enjoying life!

these are top on my list to try this summer!

i just purchased some potted lavender!

she smells so good!


  1. MMM, those look so refreshing! Have a wonderful summer! I can't wait to hit the pool this weekend.

  2. Hi Julie - I love the simplicity of your posts - always so clean and fresh. I am sure you are having some lovely summer sun. It's sketchy here; one day hot the next raining. Such is the British summer. Oh how I wish we were in Florida!! Louise x

  3. there is a cute little coffee shop we frequent & they make a lavender lemonade that i can't wait to try

    happy summer xo

  4. Ahhhh summer! I'm ready too and that drink sounds yummy. Hope you have a great weekend my friend. xoxox Susie~

  5. Oh the things to look forward too. We still have 8 days of school left:) But it's a comin'. Hope you are having a great long weekend.

  6. this looks so inviting- a beautiful image.

  7. Happy summer to you! It's still not quite feeling like summer here! I'm so ready for some sunny weather!


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