Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~ r2d2 cakes ~

arent these little r2d2 cakes too cute?

let me tell you they were full of yumminess!

they were created by my sister

with cake batter, rice crispy treats, and lots of icing!

they were very popular among the jedi knights!

i love this picture!

thanks titi winnie for all you do!

i thought i would share the menu with you!

unfortnately i have not one picture of the food

we put on a "lightsaber buffet"!

which offered hot dogs on a stick, pretzel sticks, star fighters (doritos), planets (potato chips), edible ewoks (gummy bears), and yoda soda (lime sherbert and ginger ale)!

you cant go wrong with anything on a stick, chips, candy, and a green drink!

um, yum?



  1. they are great! what a nice sister :) and the party looks like it was a total blast... a family affair, what fun!!

  2. Those r2d2 cakes look amazing! Loving that first bite photo! You out did yourself on such a fabulous party!


  3. You are mother extraordinaire!! Lovely party by the looks of it. x

  4. Wow, individual R2D2 cakes -- amazing!!

  5. Too cute for words!! What an undertaking!

  6. Awesome! Love all the creativity you put into your parties to individualize them from the same-ol-same-ol. You rock!

  7. Love those cakes - too cute! You did a great job with his party!!!

  8. What an awesome party! The cakes are great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - I love it when people stop by!

    I have strolled through your blog and love your style! I have added you to my blog roll and am following!

    Barbara :)

  9. Those look sooo yummy!! Your sister did a GREAT sweet!:)

  10. sounds like great fun!!
    those cupcakes, OH MY cute!

    ps- bought cek two of the catilyn ( maybe that's the name) tops from bbtn....good lordy, what a cute line & the shop is adorable!!!
    you must make a road trip :)

  11. I am loving this party! For sure! We have boys and my oldest would love this. Great ideas!

  12. So cute! What a fun party I can't wait until my little guy is old enough for a Star Wars party!

    Best wishes,


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