Monday, April 12, 2010

~ decorating outside ~

a little tilling,

about 80 of these green beauties,

and some weed blocking!

this is what we have been working on for the last two weekends!

we are so excited!

we have lived in this home for almost four years and have come to the conclusion that we will be here another four or five! so, why not make it more to our liking! the plants in the front yard were put in by the builder. they would of been fine however, they were an "all you can eat buffet" for the deers. i do love the deers but the plants were always bare and looked dead!

with a little tilling, weed blocking, and planting we are happy!

we have reused, replaced, and donated!

have you been busy outside?



  1. Girl, looks like you've got some diggin' and plantin' to do! It'll look great when your done. Yup, we've been outside tilling, planting grass seed, moving shrubs around, etc. Love it!


  2. Good for you! I'm sure it will be beautiful. Everything you do is beautiful.

  3. I want to get out and do some yard work! Just seems to not be enough time.......Love all your green. Be blessed. Cindy

  4. Hi Julie - looks like it will be great once its done :-) P.S. I left you a little award on my blog xx

  5. I can't wait to see it all finished! I loved the way it looked last summer, it was beautiful, now I'm excited to see your new "deer proof" garden!

  6. P.S. Did you take down your big wreath?

  7. Looking forward to the after pictues! Looks like a lot of good old hard work...we have that going on too.
    I am loving the party invitations you creative!!


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