Thursday, March 25, 2010

~ some help please ~

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i have been in a funk!

doesnt sound pretty because its not!

i am not quite sure whats going on but i feel like spilling it! i am a somewhat creative person, atleast thats what i am told! my fear has taken control of me and i dont like it! not one bit! i am the type that doesnt get anything done! my reason? what if i fail? this feeling is so strong that i just dont do whatever it is i want to do! why do it if i am just going to fail! perfectionist? maybe, maybe not! ok, see my etsy shop? nothing! i have a few ideas i want to create but i am controlled by fear! then i come across someone else who also thought up the same sort of idea and then i am kicking myself for not doing it when i thought of it! i recently saw this billboard that states "life is not a spectators sport". is it talking to me? i am trying my hardest to give it up to the Lord but it keeps returning to me like a boomerang!

have you been there before? any advice?



  1. YES! I have been there before! And all I can say is that I recently read Beth Moore's book, "So Long Insecurity" and it changed my entire life, because I faced a TON of my fears and learned how to give them to God after dealing with the worst of the what if syndrome. I am a recovering perfectionist, and I can relate. If you can, get your hands on that book, it is life changing. Hang in there sweetie!


  2. Hello...don't be gloomy (although I know what you mean about getting into a groove). I think we all have to think: what makes us happy? What is it all about for us? And if others are beating you to it at life and you think you could do better, then just do it your own time, your own way and you will get there in the end. Do your thing...whatever that is it will be fine dandy.

  3. Oh I hear you. I am in the middle of one myself. I think it has to do with rest. Relax and it will come back... this time change seriously kicks my butt. Once everything starts blooming, I am sure you will get your creativity back.

  4. Oh I too am so there with you girl...I have got all theses ideas and have them written down and planned out and when I can think myself into doing them and going for it...then goes the problem with money...I agree with the others we need to let it come as it does and give the fear to God and let him guide us....hang in there just remember your not alone...
    Have a Blessed day...
    Sweet Blessings...

  5. oh julie
    i think so many of us
    maybe all of us have been there at some time or another
    i think for me, those phases ( & remember , its just a will be gone!) cruise in when i have been just overscheduled, over packed, over busy.
    most days i think to myself-today as a matter of fact-that i have only accomplished a smidge of what i had planned
    i wish i had more time to do so many things
    & do them well

    i'm praying for you friend
    i like the advice you've gotten so far
    & i'm with sasha, i love beth moore & MUST read that book

  6. Stepping into the unknown is soooo hard! My husband and I are struggling now. Feel free to read here.

    Not exactly the same situation, but fear of failure is everywhere!! I hate being in situations I cant control because I too am a perfectionist and like to be in control.

    I hope you climb this hurdle because I'd like to see your Etsy shop!!

  7. You have to give yourself the opportunity to try. While you may think someone has the same craft as you, your personal touches will make it different. You know the saying ... you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Are you going to let fear rob you of your dreams and leave you with regret? I think NOT! Go for it!


  8. Julie, are very inspiring to all of us! I enjoy reading your posts and especially about your dream home! I could move into that home in a heart beat :)
    Second- just today I read this and thought you might like it, too...
    Go Godward, thou wilt find a road (Russian proverb)
    Best wishes and follow your heart!

  9. I say set up a period of time once a week where you work on your ideas. It can be writing them down, sketching them, walking through the aisles of Michael's for inspiration, or having a friend over to actually work on them. but make it a weekly date. Something you can't get out of no matter what. And of course schedule it when the kids are out. Now while theyre in school, and then over the summer schedule it at a time when pete is home or mom can watch them. Stop thinking and just do! And if youre scared you wont stick to it, partner up with somebody. Then the two of you will have to show up because the other one will be counting on you.

  10. Oh, and you gotta let go of the comparisons. Whatever you create, even if you follow step by step instructions from someone, is going to be your own. So don't worry if other people have similar ideas. Whenever I go to make something or take a photo, it never comes out the way I pictured, most of the time it turns out way better! So just follow what makes you excited! Have fun!

  11. Lots of times!!! These little businesses (and their owners) have their ups and downs all the time! I think you're awesome, and we can ride this little roller coaster together! Love you Sweet Friend!

  12. I have totally been there in that place: THE FUNK. Many a time. Just remember that it is just a phase. Prayer, knowing it is a season, and knowing that God has big plans for you will guide you. You are creative. He made you that way. Your gift. Be confident... Every good and perfect gift is from above. Remember that. xoxo Nancy

  13. Oh yes I have and i me and the funk feeling are not friends... it leaves me feeling like i need to nap...which leads me to feeling more tired...
    yesterday a friend called and she said what are you doing... i said, "staring at my coffee beans wishing i could submerg myself in them to shake my funk" we both laughed over that visual and felt.... wish i had a solution for this feeling...sometimes maybe we need to go through this to really embrace life.

  14. You are talented and amazing a beautiful being created by a loving Heavenly Father- always remember that and the great potential you have... there is someone who wants you to feel this funk- he wants nothing but unhappiness for us- watch out for Satan's grasp.

  15. hi julie... finally catching up :)
    i'm sorry you have been in that funk. been there... and i hate it. it is consuming and suffocating. i love that peace quote... it hits home :) i hope that this morning finds you with a smile... saying a prayer for you! (and your overnight away? i love holding hands... i hope it was all you hoped for... and maybe more!)


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