Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~ noah & the clover ~

i love how my kids just soak up His word and are constantly praising His name!

noah found this three leaf clover in the backyard and ran in to tell me that this was a symbol of "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit"!

i just grabbed him up and told him how happy he just made me and Him!

thank you, Lord!



  1. How precious. It's wonderful when our kids catch Jesus in the littlest moments.

  2. Oh, so sweet! Missed you today!

  3. Beautiful! Our 3 kid-lings were just telling us about St. Patrick & the 3 leaf clover yesterday & the significance of each petal. Children are such wonders.

    Happy Easter!
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. That is fantastic! Looks like he's soaking up all the good stuff in life. Yeah, God!!

  5. Well that's just the sweetest thing I ever heard. What a blessed woman you are indeed!!

  6. Ahhhh that is just incredible. My daughter made a Easter Card for Jesus last night thanking him for being her Savior... i found it on the kitchen table and just sat down in the chair and held it to my heart.
    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family,

    thank you for the sweet comment... i'll talk about the shutters! :)I'll let you know first though... They are outdoor shutters... I didn't want to use curtains... they weren't the right feel for the room. i wanted to keep it fresh, relaxed... so i got the idea to use shutters... but didn't need to use plantation shutter because i didn't need them for privacy....which led me to outdoor shutters that i just attached to the wall. I've used them in a few areas of my home and have loved them.

  7. Hi wondered what sprinkles were! They are little sugar coloured sprinkles - ummm sometimes called 'hundreds and thousands'. Is that an English thing??!! I am sure you have them in sunny Florida! LB x


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