Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~my "forever" house wish list~ the foyer


the next part of the tour is the foyer!

we cant forget the foyer.

it is the first room in the house!


this foyer is my favorite way of decorating. i love the buffet with wonderful accessories to greet you when you walk in! and theres that wonderfully, beautiful dutch door.

architectural digest

i have always wanted a foyer big enough to place a beautiful table in the middle with some freshly cut flowers from the garden i would tend to in the backyard. (i can dream right?)

velvet & linen

and this one, well, i am sure you have seen it before. if not, you need to head on over to brooke's blog. her home is beautiful. i so want a swedish clock just like brooke!

come back to see the next room in the house!

see you soon!



  1. That line you wrote about wishing you had a foyer with a table and fresh cut flowers - I must have said that line to my husband many a time! How would be lovely though...instead my hall is full of shoes and school bags and unreturned library books!

  2. Very eclectic and classic. And pretty! Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday....really boosts a girl's confidence.


  3. What a fun tour! It's always fun dreamin' with friends~

  4. Love it! I WILL have a Swedish Mora clock one day.... love your tour!


  5. Love the tour, so fun! I would love a big table with fresh flowers to greet me too. All beautiful pictures.

    Thanks for your interest and sweet comment about my kitchen.
    Did I tell you how much I love your birthday banner? I need one!

  6. I would move in your forever house with you if you don't mind. I will claim a closet for my room. :) I don't take up much space, I promise. Love it....

  7. I've always thought that brooke's blog was beautiful too. I've saved some of these same pictures! You must have great taste. (wink)


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