Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~ noah & the clover ~

i love how my kids just soak up His word and are constantly praising His name!

noah found this three leaf clover in the backyard and ran in to tell me that this was a symbol of "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit"!

i just grabbed him up and told him how happy he just made me and Him!

thank you, Lord!


Monday, March 29, 2010

~ happy monday ~

found here

thank you! thank you! thank you!

you girls are awesome!

i am truly thankful for my bloggy friends who give me such support, such incouragement, and such great advice! this is why i love blogging! you have given me just what i needed!

thank you!



Thursday, March 25, 2010

~ some help please ~

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i have been in a funk!

doesnt sound pretty because its not!

i am not quite sure whats going on but i feel like spilling it! i am a somewhat creative person, atleast thats what i am told! my fear has taken control of me and i dont like it! not one bit! i am the type that doesnt get anything done! my reason? what if i fail? this feeling is so strong that i just dont do whatever it is i want to do! why do it if i am just going to fail! perfectionist? maybe, maybe not! ok, see my etsy shop? nothing! i have a few ideas i want to create but i am controlled by fear! then i come across someone else who also thought up the same sort of idea and then i am kicking myself for not doing it when i thought of it! i recently saw this billboard that states "life is not a spectators sport". is it talking to me? i am trying my hardest to give it up to the Lord but it keeps returning to me like a boomerang!

have you been there before? any advice?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

~ here i am ~

my sweet one dancing however i cannot get it rotated correctly. but love it anyhow!


i am back!

i did have a wonderful weekend
then i came home to a computer with a nasty virus!

i have to tell you that me and the hubby had our first ever overnight with no kiddos! it was only one night but it was wonderful! we will be doing that again! and dont worry! the kiddos had fun too over at lala and papi's! (my parents)
now, i have to go and get caught up on my blog reading!

wow! you girls know how to blog!

Friday, March 19, 2010

~ weekend plans ~


i plan on sleeping with no interruptions!

found here

i plan on eating some yummy food!

found here

and i plan on holding hands!

what do you plan to do this weekend?



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~ merci ~

from here

i wanted to thank you for all the sweet comments and especially for all the prayers! let me tell you they work! she is still in the hospital however she is doing wonderful! she is healing so quickly especially for being 93 and for the injuries she has! she is walking, exercising, and being her sweet, forgetful, feisty self! soon it will be rehab and then back home!

thank you again for praying for my granny!



Monday, March 15, 2010

~ please say a prayer ~

found here

we just celebrated my granny's 93rd birthday! she lives in a wonderful assisted living community! they call her ladybug! she tripped and fell saturday and was sent to the er! my sweet husband went to be with her and used his nursing knowledge to make sure they were treating her right! well, she has two black eyes, she broke three bones in the sinus area, lost her tooth, her lips are black, and her face is swollen from forehead to chin! bless her heart! she is going to be fine but she will have the marks for many months to come!

please say a prayer for her!


Friday, March 12, 2010

~my "forever" house wish list~ the finale~ the bedroom!

well, girls! this is the last room of my "forever" house!

the bedroom!

come on in and put your feet up!

country living

this room is gorgeous!oh! the bed!i love how the bedding just flows with the pleated skirting all the way down to the floor! the pillows, the headboard, and the distressed blue door! gorgeous!

this bedroom is dreamy with its calming colors! the bedding, the french doors, the distressed table, the cornice, and that chandy! this room is beautiful!

its time to put this post series to bed! hehe!

thanks for coming on this fun tour with me!

i have really enjoyed shopping and sharing these beautiful rooms!

i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i have!

i just want to say that i know i am very blessed with what i have!

i know that i have created a home here for me and my family!

and i would not change it for the world!



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~my "forever" house wish list~ the butler pantry

the butler's pantry!

sounds so fancy!

this is one of those little surprises that you find in those wonderful old houses!

found here

beautiful! i love all the detail in this one!

the curves, moulding, lighting, colors, back splash, and the accessories!

and those knobs!


this one is simple and pretty!

i love the color of the cabinetry and the glass doors!

found here

this is a hidden pretty!

i love the skirting, the counter, the faucet, the shelving, and that curved glass door!

my goodness! look at all that yummy wine!


now this is a big one! loads of storage and wonderful light!

a butler's pantry would be nice!

a little place for all your pretties!

do you have one?


Monday, March 8, 2010

~my "forever" house wish list~ the kitchen

welcome to my kitchen wish list!

come sit down and enjoy some fresh vegetables, fruit, and even cupcakes with me while i tell you about my little list!

(see if you can find these yummy items in the pictures!)

i love a great kitchen and here are a few with many wonderful details!

house beautiful

i love the big, sunny windows over the sink! i have always had window views in the kitchen but because of the open concept they were never over the sink. i just love that its right there! and i would of course, have some pretty little plants or herbs growing on the sill.


aaahh! french doors! not to mention that backyard! beautiful! and that farm table!

house beautiful

and a farm sink would be a must! i only need one! see i am not too greedy! hehe! and my faucet i have now does look similar to this one! very pretty!


the marble counter top and the painted floors! wonderful! and again the french doors and that lush backyard! and my next kitchen needs an island!

so, did you find them?
i hope you leave happy and full!

until next time!


Friday, March 5, 2010

~my "forever" house wish list~ the living room

the next stop on this "tour" is the living room.

this is where we come together to be together!

it needs to be beautiful, casual, peaceful, and comfy!

i think these rooms would work! dont you?

i love this room! i have seen it many times. i love the wood floors, the furniture pieces, the mirrors on the wall, and that transom window above the door! i also love the slipcovers which i do have already. (hmmmm. i wonder what the upstairs looks like?)

and this one makes me happy! i do want a fireplace (which i do have one now, because you know we need them here in florida! hehe!) and this fireplace is very cozy and beautiful with its chippy paint! love!!!

this one is fun with its blue and green painted pieces. great way to use color! if i had hardwood floors i would do this dark walnut color. i think it compliments the white perfectly.

so, heres a hint about the next room.

come hungry!


all the wonderful pictures are from country living

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~my "forever" house wish list~ the foyer


the next part of the tour is the foyer!

we cant forget the foyer.

it is the first room in the house!


this foyer is my favorite way of decorating. i love the buffet with wonderful accessories to greet you when you walk in! and theres that wonderfully, beautiful dutch door.

architectural digest

i have always wanted a foyer big enough to place a beautiful table in the middle with some freshly cut flowers from the garden i would tend to in the backyard. (i can dream right?)

velvet & linen

and this one, well, i am sure you have seen it before. if not, you need to head on over to brooke's blog. her home is beautiful. i so want a swedish clock just like brooke!

come back to see the next room in the house!

see you soon!


Monday, March 1, 2010

~my "forever" house wish list~ the front door

you girls are so great!

what support and encouragement!

now dont get me wrong, i know i am very, very blessed to own the house we have. to be able to pay for the house we have. i thank God every night for the many blessings He has given me! i just have this wonderful vision in my crazy head. i do not want a huge, expensive, outrageous house. i would love a little more land with mature trees and just a few other wonderful things. i thought it would be fun to show you some of the things on my wish list for my "forever" house. so, i thought it only appropriate to start with the front door.

source unknown

the first impression!

i would love a few front steps up to my front door. just a few because remember, i want to grow old here and i would need to get up those stairs for the rest of my life. hehe! but i just think stairs are inviting and charming. and i would have fun decorating them for the holidays especially with those pumpkins for fall! ah! i love this entry! the stairs, the light fixtures, the shutters, the transom, which will be coming up in a future post, and that door! i have always wanted a glass front door. i have been thinking about it for awhile in this house however i tend to run across the house in my pjs and sorts. (i am trying to be a good neighbor. hehe!) i love everything about this entry!


i also love double doors. they are so grand and welcoming! i know it would be double the expense for hanging two wreaths on two doors but i think its just yummy! again i have thought about this in my house but we would probably have to do some custom work to fit double doors where my single door is now.


the dutch door! wonderfully beautiful! i can just picture having the door opened just like in this picture with the breeze and birds chirping however then the freak comes out in me and i think of flies and other buggy bugs flying and crawling into my house! eek! i do not do bugs! but i do so love the dutch door!

so, i hope you enjoyed the first stop in my "forever" house tour! come back and see the other details i want for this "forever" house.