Tuesday, February 16, 2010

paperwhite bulbs!

i have seen so many beautiful paperwhites on other blogs! i love the simple look of these wonderful white flowers! so, i found these on clearence at home depot and thought i would give it a try! now, i am very bad about taking care of plants however i would love to have paperwhites, orchids, and a vegetable garden. so i am starting out slow and easy with these lovelies!



  1. You've inspired me - our bulbs are still unplanted, yet sprouting in their paper bags! I will do them this week :-)

  2. I'm hoping to have a small vegetable garden this year - if it will quit raining long enough for me to plant!

    Can't wait to see how your bulbs do :)

  3. You have me curious! Now I want to go get some. Not sure what they look like, but I love the idea:)

  4. Good luck with your paperwhites...they are so worth it...and they last quite a long time too!!! Great pics!

    :) T


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