Wednesday, February 17, 2010

great giveaway!

my sweet and very talented friend, megan, has a wonderful etsy shop! she specializes in baby accessories and clothing. she also has a blog! and on that blog she is having a fun giveaway! this sweet, petite, girly girl loves to watch the history channel. she makes me laugh. so, for presidents day she has a few history questions for you to answer and then she will randomly pick a lucky winner of a $20 gift certificate for her shop! and she is letting you use google for the answers. kinda like an open book test? ok, maybe like cheating! i told you she was sweet!

check it out!



  1. How precious are those finds. Makes me want to bust out another kiddo. :)

  2. You are sweet - thanks! P.S. Are you going to play ;)

  3. what cute baby items... oh i have to go have a look!!!
    happy day to YOU,

  4. Sweet lil things~
    Guess where Im headed today? To look for those herbs again...:)

  5. those are adorable I'll have to check them out


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