Monday, January 25, 2010

sweet blog award!

how fun! i just received my second blog award. but the best part is my sister is the one who nominated me! you should go check out her blog! she is the writer and photographer in the family. thanks, sis!

so, i am suppose to share a list of the top 10 things that make me happy!

here we go!

1. my sweet & wonderfully patience hubby~ he truly is a gift!

2. my children!~ they are my pride & joy

3. my church family~ God-loving people

4. friends~ both here & in blogland

5. decorating~ love it

6. shopping~ fun, fun, fun

7. crafting~ love creating

8. eating~ ya, love it. maybe to much

9. blogging~ i am so enjoying this little blog

10. reading blogs~ an addiction

now for the passing on of the award! these are just a few of the blogs that i love to read! hence #10!

~megan with a little bit of this

~lissa with humble pie

~susie with susie harris

~mrs. dunbar with living intentionally

~lulu with lulu & co.

~paige with simple thoughts

these friends have been so inviting to this newbie blogger and i thank them for that! love you!




  1. Lovely list!! Mine is very similar.

  2. You are so super sweet. I too enjoy ALL of the same things you do, guess we are just kindred spirits.


  3. thank you for thinking of me! I will try to get back to blogging here shortly! Have a wonderful week julie!

  4. thank you sweet julie!!!
    so funny that i get an email from you this morning...i was at work trying to log onto your blog but due to the security thing on my computer at work it wouldn't let me get on..i loved all those wonderful girlie room pictures!

    great post today

  5. Hi Julie! Congrats on your award!!! You have a wonderful blog so I'm sure there will be many more to come :) You chose some amazing women to pass the award on to!

    :) T

  6. Awe, thanks Julie! I'll be sure to post my reward and list asap!


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