Thursday, January 14, 2010

please pray for haiti!

i am feeling so helpless and sad for haiti. the information and pictures are too much to bare. i have to turn it off. but i feel guilty. how blessed am i to be able to just turn it off. those poor people are in so much chaos, destruction, pain, loss, heartbreak. i wish i could turn it off for them. i have been praying for God's healing hands to cover them. i watched the president's speech today and i am so glad that we are not going to just sit and watch. that we are going in to help. thats what everyone should do. that is the right thing to do. i have found a quick list of some of the different non-profit organizations that are collecting donations to send to haiti. please prayerfully consider donating. donating and praying is all we really can do from the safety of our homes. go here to see the list and i would love to hear how you have donated. it will be the only way to put a smile on my face for the haitian people.


  1. Julie, I'm new to your sweet blog. Bumped into it via Angie's blog. I too found I had to depart from my normal postings to scrawl my thoughts and emotions on such human tragedy. Your words speak for many of us. I decided on Compassion International, but will probably give to Children's Hunger Fund as soon as I get an update on their status. This is when we bury ourselves in His word. On a lighter note, I've been looking for a sugar cookies recipe. Thanks, Robin @

  2. i too, feel the same way. i am so glad to be an american and be able to help others. mr. dunbar and i are still deciding how best to help, i think we are going to go through compassion. but your right, the images are horrendous and my heart is broken for those people.


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