Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little twist on a classic!

i love the classic silhouette! they are so beautiful! but for one of my monthly craft nights i thought i would change it up a bit! i did this by using chipboard, paint, fun scrapbook paper and some pink pom-poms. first i painted the edges of the chipboard and cut out a piece of scrapbook paper and glued it onto the chipboard. this created the background.

i took a profile picture of my girl and then cut it out to use as a template. (doesnt she have a sweet profile!) then i traced the picture on the scrapbook paper, cut it out, and then glued it on the background. the last step was adding the pink pom-pom necklace. thats it! this craft cost all of about $2!

the girls that came to craft night did their own twist by doing fruit, animals, different paper, etc. it was a fun night!

happy tuesday!

ps. i joined in at make your mondayamd get your craft on! go take a peek at all the craftyness!


  1. that is cute! Love the pom pom necklace!

  2. so cute! Love the pom poms! They add a lot!

  3. Hey Julie!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    I have to tell you that I LOVE the baseboards!
    And in person, they are BETTER!
    You know when you do a project and you love it SO much that you just keep walking past it, so you can see it again? LOL.... well that's how my baseboards are. Sometimes I catch myself staring at them. ha. I don't know if I'm more impressed because I DID them... or because I really just love the difference it makes in the house. Just adds a fun, personal touch. So it doesn't seem so "stock home builder"... ya know?
    GO FOR IT! It's a little time consuming, (painting wise) but totally worth it! And SO much cheaper and easier, then replacing the entire baseboard!
    Good luck, girl!
    Shelley Smith

  4. You did a great job on this - priceless!

  5. Oh so cute...just wondering, could I put pom-poms on boys? Ha ha, maybe not.

  6. How adorable - both the silhouette and your model!!!

    The silhouettes I made with my cricut were not that hard at all, but I did draw on my design experience so I might not be the best judge of how difficult it was...

    I'd say with a cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot it is worth a shot!

  7. This is so precious. I've got a big wall full of blank frames and I think this project is just what I need to start filling them up! I would love to do one of each of my children. Thanks for sharing.


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