Friday, January 1, 2010

content for 2010!

photo by dewin designs

i have been looking around other blogs and they are posting a word that they would like to live by in 2010. i think this is a wonderful idea! so, i came up with my word for 2010!


i want and need to be more content on many aspects of my life. i want to be content with myself! this will be a little hard for me being that i put alot of pressure on myself. it wont be easy to do by myself! so i wont! i know the Lord wants this for me as much as i want it! so, with putting it out there and putting my faith in the Lord, i will be living more content in 2010!

ps. the beautiful picture was taken by my little sister! she has other wonderful pictures in her shop. stop by and take a look!

what is your word for 2010?



  1. That is what I am striving for as well. Going after my dreams and being content with what comes about. Happy new year!!

  2. That's a perfect word! Really if we can learn to accept what we have been given and really appreciate it... what a gift that would be. Good luck with that challenge:)

  3. Oh it's a wonderful word!! It's something we all can have more of! Happy New year I look so forward to sharing the year with you,

  4. I am so glad that you chose a word for the year. Hopefully we can all keep eachother in line with our one-word-goal. But girl, you chose the hardest word. Good for you, taking on the challenge, we all need to be more content since we are so blessed.
    Here's to a brand new year of blogging together!

  5. Good word! Mine is "intentional", I'm going to post more about my "resolution word" later this week.

  6. What a great word! Content...I love it!

  7. happy new year julie!
    content. that is a great word for the new year. well, for every year! i wish you much luck in living it!!

  8. Hi Julie!

    There's such a fine line between striving to be more and being content with where one's's to balancing the 2!!

    I don't know what my word for 2010 would be...I'll have to think about that one...

    Happy, happy new year!!!

    :) T

  9. I forgot to leave you the paint color name you asked's called Notre Dame by Valspar (Lowe's).

    :) T

  10. Happy New Yeat Julie!! simplify is my word this year...clutter be gone!


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