Wednesday, September 30, 2009

vintage junky party!

my friend at vintage junky is throwing another wonderful blog party! you should see her wonderful "multiples"! she is also giving away a beautiful milk glass pedestal bowl! go take a peek at the others who joined the party! fun, fun, fun!

have fun!


Monday, September 28, 2009

weekend recap!

first i want to say thank you to my sweet, wonderful, supportive, blog friends! your comments were just what i needed! i am so happy we "met"!

well, saturday was my first craft show and i didnt sell a thing! however, i look at it as paying $25 for five hours of doing absolutely nothing! which as you know doesnt happen often! i enjoyed hanging out with my sister who had a booth next to me! her photography is beautiful! i did get alot of nice comments but it just wasnt the right clientele! here is the picture of my table! what do you think? any suggestions? i did get some good news! i won a yummy starbucks giftcard from my new blog friend irene over at lady dunbar living intentionally! thanks irene!

have a great monday!


Friday, September 25, 2009

friday favorites+thank you!

today i am featuring a blog that is on my lists of favorites! rare and beautiful treasures! erin is the author of this wonderful blog! she is a wife and a soon to be mommy! her blog features beautiful decor, her love for family, and her love for the Lord! she is also a very giving person! her blog was nominated for "home and food" at divine caroline where you can go and vote for her! if she wins she will receive $250! guess what she is going to do with this money?! she is donating it to missionary friends running a children's hospital in Ethiopia!!! how awesome is that?! erin has also been giving to me! she is letting me advertise my etsy shop on her blog! for free! see, i told you she was a giver! so erin, i just want to send a big thank you for helping out this newbie blogger and etsy shop owner! you are sure doing a great job of serving the Lord! well, go check her out and see what i am talking about!

have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

craft show jitters!

along with planning my little girls party i am trying to get ready for a craft show this saturday! i have not done one before so i am a little nervous!

i love the way these frames turned out!

they come with a message of faith but would look beautiful with a monogram or a favorite picture!

they are painted and covered in beautiful paper and adorned with a little bling or a flower or a sweet bow!

they would make sweet gifts!

so i hope somebody loves them as much as i do! and maybe a couple of them will find a new home!

wish me luck!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

party planning fun!

i have been happily busy planning jillians forth birthday party! i am going with a theme! surprising uh?! i am doing a candy theme! this is becoming a popular theme but i love it! of course, everything will be mostly pink! we love pink! i think i have almost everything planned out! every little detail! so, here are a couple of things that will be a must at her party!

pink balloons!

source: flickr

pink cupcakes!

source: flickr

and of course, candy!

source: flickr
i cant wait to show you the invitation! they turned out too sweet! heehee! by the way, i forgot to put in my top 10 honest things that i am scared of balloons! the popping of a balloon makes me scream like a little girl! but its my babies birthday! i will have to take my chances!

enjoy the eye candy!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my first blog award!

wow! i just received my first blog award!!! yea!!! i am so excited and honored!!! can you tell?! michelle at vintage junky has a beautiful blog that shares her love for her husband, sweet baby boy, and decorating! i look to her blog for inspiration! so, when i received her message that she had an award for me i just gasped! i am still doing the happy dance! there are a few things i need to do to accept this award! first, i want to thank my mother, ha, just kidding! but i do have to tell you 10 honest things about myself! so here it goes!

1. i still get car sick! i thought i would grow out of it but i still prefer to sit up front! along with that i get airplane sick too! yuck!

2. i no longer can ride on rides! you know at disney or the fair! barf!

3. after the first two, believe it or not i have bungee jumped! crazy! dont do it! my kids will not hear of this until they are adults! along with alot of other things! heehee!

4. i am not a spur of the moment type of girl! i like to have a plan!

5. i have a very sensitive smeller! i love candles but hate "outside air"smell! you know, when you have been outside all day!

6. i dont like to read! but i do like to look at magazines! and after saying this i did sign up for a book club online! hey, i am going to try!

7. i am very indecisive! i cant even decide where to eat! i am scared of making the wrong decision! it is very frustrating!

8. everything is done with a theme! which means i always use a theme whether its for a birthday party or a present! i guess this helps with my planning and indecisiveness! ha!

9. i pass out over shots, blood, injuries, just the thought of it makes me weak! so how did i give birth twice? well, with the grace of God!

10. i was engaged to someone else before i met my husband! and thank you Lord for getting me out of that one!

and i am happy to send this award to the following nominees! sounds so official!

1. my sweet friend megan at a little bit of this! she makes yummy childrens clothing&accessories!

2. erin at rare and beautiful treasures! which she is!

3. angie at bring the rain! she is a true believer!

4. lulu at lulu and co.! a wonderful new friend who has great taste!

5. layla at the lettered cottage! this girl works design magic!

6. jenn at the randolph six! a lover of family!

7. wendy at the shabby nest! she was so very kind to help this blog newbie out and she has an eye for pretty!

here are the rules!

1.) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2.) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.
3.) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4.) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving.

so, go check these fabulous girls out! they have been an inspiration and support in many ways!

thanks girls!


Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend recap!

this weekend i officially became a "soccer" mom! and i love it! noah had a blast! and the game was actually really fun to watch! my son, he loves playing golf and soccer! two totally different sports! i am looking forward to watching his soccer games when the air gets cooler and maybe we can cozy up under a blanket! however, we do live in florida! i guess it might be time to get a minivan! i hope you had a great weekend!

have a wonderful monday!


Friday, September 18, 2009

friday favorites=funky lunch!

since i am on the topic of lunch, check out these fun and amazing sandwiches at funky lunch! it all started with someone wanting to make lunch exciting and healthy for kids! wow! they are wanting to write a book with instructions on creating these wonderfully detailed sandwiches! i am having trouble calling them sandwiches! maybe they could call them "funwiches"! i just love hearing about people coming up with a great idea and going for it! but usually i follow it up with "why didnt i think of that"! check out these cuties and maybe one day you will have their book in your kitchen!

noah would love this one!

this would be purrfect for jillian!

and this is what i look like most days!

have a fun weekend!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

lunch box love!

i do write a little love note to each child and stick it in their lunchbox! everyday! it is something i have to do or the job feels incomplete! now, i have been doing this for four years so do i think he really reads each and every one?! probably not! but i have come up with a solution! i have found a couple of sites that have free downloadable lunch notes! they are so cute, bright, funny, and e.a.s.y! need i say more! i thought i would show you where to get these handy dandy notes so you to can have it easy!

twig & thistle

skip to my lou

and for some funnies try kraft foods!

now go and give your cutie a free printable love note!

from one mommy to another!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thankful tuesday=my husband!

this is my hubby! he is sweet, patience, loving, caring, hardworking, non-complaining, loves to cook, helps around the house, irons better than me, sews, and loves the Lord! in the last couple of years he has grown closer to the Lord and watching him is awesome! he has become more invovled in church and has a great connection with the men at our church! he was asked to give his testimony a few sundays ago during all three services! wow! he did a great job! i am so very proud of him! i am excited to see what the Lord has in store for him! thank you Lord for this wonderful husband you have blessed me with!

God is good!

*** i am linking up to tuesdays unwrapped with emily! take a look at the other wonderful gifts!

Monday, September 14, 2009


do you see that?! the blur of women, reaching and grabbing! you are witnessing a feeding frenzy of moms getting sweet clothes at sweet deals! this is what i was doing friday night! however, lucky for me i got to be one of the first to get the goods! this is the warehouse sale of jacksonville that is held twice a year! it is filled with boutique and smocked clothing for boys and girls! and the best part is that everything is $29.95 or less! yup! i went with my sweet friend, megan! she hooked me up with this awesome event! a mom started this wonderful idea in her garage and it has grown! she now rents out a store front for the weekend to host the sale! why didnt i think of that?! friday night starts at 7:00 and is for ticket holders only but we had special tickets that let us enter at 6:00! so, it was just a few people! i found three cute smocked outfits and i also got to advertise my etsy shop in the gift bags given to the first 250 people! yea! after the sale we went out for dinner! what an awesome night! shopping and eating! two of my favorite things!

i heart shopping!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

vintage junky party!

well, i am arriving very late to the party! but as they say "better late than never"! i am joining the letters and numbers party at the vintage junky! i am showing some pictures around my house of letters and words! as you will witness, i love monograms and wall words! so take a look around and then check out the others taking part in the party! what fun!

first, you are welcomed with the initial of our last name! come on in!

once you enter you are then greeted again with a rather big "M"!

this is my favorite! this is the name of my grandfather who passed away when i was a little girl! he owned a mens clothing store in Tennessee and this was his sign! i love the color and how it takes over this big wall! its a great conversation piece with meaning!

my little boy who is not so little anymore used to love, i mean love thomas the train! his room is done in a vintage train theme and i thought this thomas saying was wonderful!

this is the sweet saying that is over my little girls bed!

and the last one! we have a couple of letters hanging around the house like this one in jillians room! so sweet!

thats all folks!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

thank you friends!


Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”
James Matthew Barrie

i just wanted to say thank you to all my friends for leaving such sweet birthday wishes! i am so excited about my new blog friends! you are the best!



Monday, September 7, 2009

thrifting and martha stewart!

i just came across this on! i love this idea especially since i just picked up two chairs from the thrift store last week for $1.99 each! i thought they would work well in my craft room! i was thinking about painting them and this little detail would be fun! now, off to find some wonderful paper!

i love thrifting!


ps. i am linking up to rhoda's thrifty monday linky party! go check out the other thrifty finds!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

happy birthday to moi!

yes! today is the day! the day i was born! i do love my birthday even though each year i have to add another candle to my cake! i think birthdays are important! it is the one special day you can call your own! as they say "your only as old as you feel"! and today i am feeling twenty something! heehee!

be happy!