Friday, December 11, 2009

wine tasting party!

last night i went to a wine tasting party! a couple of my girlfriends organized this shin-dig! and boy, did they organize! there was tons of yummy food, ten different wines to taste, and they even printed up score cards and some trivia about wine history! fun, fun, fun!

there was alot of this going on!

the way it went is that each person was to bring an appitizer or dessert and two bottles of the same wine! one bottle was for tasting and the other was for giving! at the end of the night we picked a new favorite wine to take home!

try it!



  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all! I'd love to see one of these parties thrown by you - your parties are notorius!

  2. I love this idea.... what about a New Years couple wine tasting party... that would be fun.

  3. If you enjoyed this party, you should try organizing an "Open That Bottle Night" (OTBN) as done by Dorothy & John Gaither of the "Wall Street Journal." Every 3rd Saturday in February, they gather with friends (typically a potluck with hosts furnishing the main course) and attendees bring a bottle of wine that "has a story" ... could have been obtained on a trip or has other special meaning. The wines don't have to be collectables. Some will be wonderful and some won't; good to have a couple of back-up bottles of reliable wine on hand. My husband (Reid) and I have been doing this with friends for several years and it's become a ritual event for us.

    Nancy Barnette Rapport


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