Tuesday, December 8, 2009

snow themed mantle!

born and raised in florida means we do not get to see snow! i have seen snow three times in my life and my cuties well, never! they so badly want to see and touch snow! they practice their snow angels in the grass! we tried to find snow on our mountain trip in january but unfortunatly we missed it! so, with all this being said i decorate our family room with a snowy motif! our mantle is decorated with "snowy" houses and trees! then its topped off with a fun sign that says "let it snow"! the christmas tree in this room is covered in snowflakes! i try to keep everything white in the family room! i hope to post more pictures of the tree and all the other trees soon!

wishing for a white Christmas!



  1. So fun Julie! I want to come see all of your trees this week!

  2. Pretty! I feel sad for you non-snow havers. I hope that the kids get to see some soon!

  3. you are welcome to come here for a visit--we got a surprise snowfall on Sat. and more expected at the end of the week....

    Love your BEAUTIFUL decorations!!

  4. oooohhh me to! I want a white christmas! Pretty pictures!

  5. Your mantle looks gorgeous. I too am wishing for a white Christmas, that'll never happen though. My kids don't even know what real snow is.

  6. I''m right there with you on not getting snow, here in So California. Love the snowy mantle. So fun and festive. Bringing the snow to you... on your terms, right? Beautiful. :)

  7. Ok, so I love the glitter arrangement, shocker! Did you see my outdoor space with the green glitter accents?! I love the cute little house on the cake plate- I think I'll borrow that idea for next year!




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