Tuesday, December 15, 2009

nest tree!

this is the tree in my living room! rightly called the "nest" tree! here are a few things that adorn the "nest" tree!

of course, i had to put my sweet birds nest frame on this tree! i think its a fun "out of the box" type of ornament!

everything looks better with a monogram!

as you will notice, i am a theme tree girl! i love the sweet birds nest, pheasants, feathers, and grapevine that swirls around the tree! i guess i have been bitten by the "nest" bug! it is very popular you know! do you have themed trees? i would love to know!

to theme or not to theme?



  1. I can't help myself, I love a themed tree. Last year, I did O Holy Night and I had everything from crowns to angels depicting scenes from Christ's birth.Your Tree is SUPER cute!!!! LOVE the little nest and you're right, monograms make everything more special. Happy Holidays, and as usual, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your nest tree. Super fun! I too, love me a theme tree. But with three littles... I have to wait a bit... unless "decorated by the kids" is a theme...:) thanks for sharing

  3. i adore a natural tree decor! your tree is lovely.

  4. Now that's a tree close to my own heart...love it!

  5. I love themed trees! We usually have two trees -- our family tree with my husband's beloved colored lights and a variety of ornaments. Then in our sitting room I do a feminine tree with white lights, pearl beads, teacups, flowers and lots of pink! This year we have just run out of time to put it up, but I hope to get back to that tradition next year. Your nest tree is lovely!

  6. Pretty blog, Julie. :) Your Christmas decor is amazing.



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