Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas morning!


  1. I love pj pictures! fun, fun! adorable!

  2. awwww so sweet! Happy New Year to you! I cant wait to get this year started and look forward to sharing it with you~

  3. Precious!! I love the Christmas card too!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!

  4. Hi Julie!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.
    Florida sounds very nice, right about now. Tomorrow's high is -5.... yes, five degrees BELOW zero. Brr!
    You kiddos are adorable. A very sweet picture.
    Send me some warm, sunny thoughts... I'll be following your blog. (Did I mention five below?)

  5. Hi Julie, your kiddo's pictures are just so sweet, they are a couple of cuties. I'm really enjoying your Christmas playlist, Love Casting Crowns! Wonderful.
    Have a Happy Happy New Year!

  6. p.s.Julie, A friend at "Leola's" made the crown last year, and I bought the little wreath at a local boutique, and the RL boots came from Dillards, and oh my are they comfortable!!!!


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