Tuesday, November 17, 2009

our day on the farm!

i always love seeing pictures on other blogs of farms and barns!

it actually makes me jealous that i do not live up north!

isnt he cute! i love cows!

i am so happy with my pictures! i just wish i had gotten more before the sun went down!

this was the second year we went to conner's a-maize-ing acres! it is located in hilliard, florida about an hour from our house! they have animals, haybales, a tractor-hayride, yummy food, and a corn maze! its a very down-home, simple place but that is why i love it! we get to spend the day outside enjoying all of God's beauty! the kids love it and i find it relaxing! we always end the day by rocking in a swing and looking at the stars! i always get a little sad when its time to leave! we look forward to visiting again next year!

have a happy day!



  1. What a fabulous way to spend a day!

  2. How amazing. I just told my son that we could go to a farm also, now all I have to do is find one. Ha. What great memories for you and your kids.

  3. Great photos Julie! You're getting better! But who is that man standing against the fence??!

  4. Love your pictures! Sometimes I wish we lived out on my father-in-laws farm--such the simple life!

    (sorry it has been awhile since I visited)

  5. Looks like a great day.. great memories and darling pictures!!

  6. i was so hoping that this farm would be SOUTH of you! i checked it out online and it is far... oh well! glad you got to go!


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