Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wish list party!

i am joining vintage junky's wish list party! what a great idea! these are a few things that came to mind when thinking of what i wanted! me! not the kids! me! what fun!

image from here

a new camera! maybe this will help my pictures turn from "mommy" pictures into beautiful pictures! well, maybe!

this georgeous linen rosette necklace! this will help make even my tshirt and jeans look good!

this warm wonderful gray rosette scarflette! again to make my tshirt and jeans look beautiful!

i would love this ruffle oatmeal pillow sitting pretty on my bed!

and this linen bolster pillow with three linen rosettes! this would look perfect on my chair!

well, thats it! wow! looking over my list i sure do have a thing about linen and rosettes! dont get me started on the bigger things! like an old beautiful house with big windows over looking the water! and if i was able to sit on etsy and country living for a few more hours, i am sure i could come up with a few more things! thanks vintage junky for hosting and letting me shop for me! i cant wait to see what everyone else has on thier wish list! i am sure i will find something there too! ok! i need to stop before i go into debt!




  1. oooh! I like your wish list alot... especially that scarflett and the tree rosette pillow. Thanks so much for joining in... you are the 1st one here!


  2. Hi - I think your list is very modest - especially when I consider how mine might look....These are pretty items you picked out. I went back to a few of your older posts and I must say I'm sure you could make these very things - these rosettes remind me a lot of the darling birthday banner you made recently. You know. the crepe paper part. You ought to try it - I can see that you are very clever with your crafts.

    Anyway, I just signed up as a follower to you - when you have a moment, come by my new blog, Beauty and Blessings....

    Cynthia K.

  3. What a great list. I love that pillow!

  4. I hope your wish list becomes a reality! You love those rosettes don't you! They're so pretty in the linen!

  5. Oh you sweet thing!! Thanks for including my pillow...and you know what...I *heart* everything on your list!!!!!

  6. Pretty pillows! By the way, Costco has that camera on sale right now, I saw them in stock the other day. I'm just saying ;)

  7. I wish I had all of those too...great wishes!

  8. We have pretty much the same wishes... love linen and rosettes!
    Hope all your wishes come true,

  9. Hi Julie, I'm so glad you came by my blog, love your rosette wish list, they ARE gorgeous! I just joined you as a follower, now I need to go back and get to know you. Have a great weekend!

  10. I just love your little rosettes, too! So girly and feminine. Love your style!

  11. love the linen pillow of wendys too
    love the linen necklace
    love that scarf...thansk for sharing such a fabulous list

  12. Great list!

    You will LOVE that camera if you get it.

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