Sunday, October 25, 2009


she finally got to celebrate and eat cake! yum!!!

have a sweet day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wish list party!

i am joining vintage junky's wish list party! what a great idea! these are a few things that came to mind when thinking of what i wanted! me! not the kids! me! what fun!

image from here

a new camera! maybe this will help my pictures turn from "mommy" pictures into beautiful pictures! well, maybe!

this georgeous linen rosette necklace! this will help make even my tshirt and jeans look good!

this warm wonderful gray rosette scarflette! again to make my tshirt and jeans look beautiful!

i would love this ruffle oatmeal pillow sitting pretty on my bed!

and this linen bolster pillow with three linen rosettes! this would look perfect on my chair!

well, thats it! wow! looking over my list i sure do have a thing about linen and rosettes! dont get me started on the bigger things! like an old beautiful house with big windows over looking the water! and if i was able to sit on etsy and country living for a few more hours, i am sure i could come up with a few more things! thanks vintage junky for hosting and letting me shop for me! i cant wait to see what everyone else has on thier wish list! i am sure i will find something there too! ok! i need to stop before i go into debt!



halloween eye candy!

yes, i am in the birthday mode especially since jillian's birthday is becoming an all month thing! being that we have had to postpone and reschedule! but halloween is also coming and i love the halloweeny things i am seeing in blogland! there are so many i want to copy but more than likely they will have to wait to be displayed until next year! i have to share some of the fun finds i have been coming across!

these bats are so fun! i have seen them done on a wall on someones blog! forgot who! love it, a must have! country living has the tutorial!

this wonderful FREE downloadable clipart is from the graphics fairy! this is a fun blog that finds and then offers you free clipart to use for whatever your little heart desires! i also got that cute pumpkin halloween countdown on my sidebar from her as well!

i love this wreath! first of all it is made out of one of my favorite materials, ribbon! it is just so simple and beautiful! you could change up the colors for any holiday! i found this great tutorial over at the long thread! she has some great ideas!

how beautiful is this picture! its from one of my favorites eddie ross! bat napkin rings! i told you he is amazing!

i love these simple white pumpkins with the ghostly faces! these are from parents magazine! another great reference!

this is just a few! so, how do you decorate for halloween?



Monday, October 19, 2009

make halloween count!

did you see it? what you say?! the awesome halloween block party on hgtv! now, i do not decorate with scary and gore but the ideas and materials they used are amazing! the wonderful eddie ross was one of three designers decorating three different houses for three different families! eddie is a genius when it comes to entertaining! i mean, he used to work with martha stewart herself! and his blog shows it! all of this fun halloween celebrating was also done to benefit the UNICEF campaign! and from now until halloween you can donate to help less fortunate children and your donation will be met which means your donation will be doubled!

don't worry if you missed it! the show is scheduled a few more times! so check it out!

donate today!


ps. hgtv has many free downloadable templates for carving your pumpkin in style!

Monday, October 12, 2009

birthday banner love!

here it is! the cutest birthday banner if i do say so myself! i love how it turned out! pink, polka dots, crepe paper, and glittery goodness! whats not to love! this is a simple "wow" factor for any occasion!

i used seven 12x12 pieces of scrapbook paper, one roll of crepe paper, one piece of glitter paper, glue, and my cricut (love it!)! i, well the cricut, cut out thirteen 6" scalloped circles! i then took three layers of crepe paper and folded like a fan! i brought the ends together and glued! i used my scalloped paper cutter from stampin up to make the middle piece! again with the cricut i cut each letter 3"! i just glued each piece on and tada!

with some fun scrapbook paper, a roll of crepe paper, some glitter paper, and my cricut (love it!) this project was fun and easy!

i cant wait to show you the other little details of the party! soon!



ps. i am linking up over at kimba's diy party and the frugal friday at the shabby nest! you should go check it out!

weekend recap! not a good one!

well, we had to postponed the birthday party due to the birthday girl was sick! can you believe it?! she has been sick twice in her life and then her little body decided to get sick the day before her party! she was a little disappointed but mommy was really disappointed! i felt so bad that we werent able to celebrate with her friends but hopefully we can get it together for this weekend! so, we stayed home all weekend and nursed her back to health! she is feeling much better! thank you Lord!

have a great monday!


ps. i didnt forget! i will be showing off that cute "happy birthday" banner tomorrow!

Friday, October 9, 2009

working on the details!

yes, i am still working on all the little details for my girls birthday party! here is a little peek of the items i am using to create her "happy birthday" banner! some pink crepe paper, a little silver glitter, and of course that sweet polka dot paper! cant wait to show you the finish banner! soon, i promise!

happy friday!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

birthday invitation!

as you know, i am throwing a candy themed birthday party for my sweet girl! i was thinking about doing a lollipop invite but came up with this idea instead!

can you tell want it is?! it is a wrapped piece of candy! i used scrapbook paper (polka dots of course!), my handy dandy cricut, the computer, clear candy bags, and ribbon! i love the way it turned out!

i think coming up and creating the invitations are my favorite part! i do really like the cute flat invites! they have really come along way! but i love using "3D" type items to make my invitations! i just think they are fun and different!

well, the invitations are out! now i am in the process of decorating, food, cupcakes, and of course candy! i am hoping to start on her birthday banner tonight! we will see!

have a sweet day!


Monday, October 5, 2009

weekend recap!

well, where have i been?! i have been busy and feeling alittle overwhelmed! however, i did have a very eventful weekend! my little man lost his front tooth at school friday! and now he is singing "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth"! because he lost the other one last night! he is toothless and happy!

and my baby girl turned four saturday! we had a busy day! she woke up to a princess style breakfast which included a princess balloon! her favorite donut with pink icing and sprinkles sitting pretty under a little glass dome! pink shred covered the table! "happy birthday jilly bean!" written on a small chalkboard which was propped up on a pretty easel! and then her girly birthday presents on display! then the birthday girl had an appointment to have a manicure at her favorite place, sweet and sassy!

we are at the five day countdown for her birthday party! which i still have a few things to make, buy, and organize! i am hoping to show pictures of everything during the week! maybe it will be birthday week here!

have a wonderful monday!


ps. mama got a new car too this weekend! see, very eventful!