Monday, September 28, 2009

weekend recap!

first i want to say thank you to my sweet, wonderful, supportive, blog friends! your comments were just what i needed! i am so happy we "met"!

well, saturday was my first craft show and i didnt sell a thing! however, i look at it as paying $25 for five hours of doing absolutely nothing! which as you know doesnt happen often! i enjoyed hanging out with my sister who had a booth next to me! her photography is beautiful! i did get alot of nice comments but it just wasnt the right clientele! here is the picture of my table! what do you think? any suggestions? i did get some good news! i won a yummy starbucks giftcard from my new blog friend irene over at lady dunbar living intentionally! thanks irene!

have a great monday!



  1. You are so right about it not being the right clientele... last year i had to condinate a shopping fundraiser for our school during the day on a saturday... I had 15 vendors come... but we got 2 shoppers! instead the vendors shopedp each other's booths LOL
    Your table looked great. Maybe for next time what about a fun banner made with elements from your frames that has the name of your store hanging in front of your table.
    keep going cause your frames are beautiful,

  2. Dont give up!!! Your frames are so sweet~

  3. Hey Julie! It looks great, I love that new green one with the white flower!!! At least you have new stuff to put in your Etsy shop - right? Keep up the good work!

  4. what a great attitude! You did a great job of looking at the bright side of things! And your frames are darling and you'll find the right clientele.


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