Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend recap!

this weekend i officially became a "soccer" mom! and i love it! noah had a blast! and the game was actually really fun to watch! my son, he loves playing golf and soccer! two totally different sports! i am looking forward to watching his soccer games when the air gets cooler and maybe we can cozy up under a blanket! however, we do live in florida! i guess it might be time to get a minivan! i hope you had a great weekend!

have a wonderful monday!



  1. Ahh, we love soccer this year! Fun, fun! My girls are both playing (we are at the field 4 nights a week for only an hour--yikes for mom) and they are loving it! once you get your minivan--you will need a soccer ball decal!

  2. sounds like fun! i bet you will be needing a blanket at some point... i recall some mighty chilly tennis practices with my kids!!

  3. Nothing like soccer and fall! Great combo!

  4. Both of our oldest grandsons play and although we don't get to see the one in Mississippi each Saturday morning, we do get to watch most of Ian's games. And yes, it's fun. And funny! to watch these kids twirl around, try to climb over the goal, and just act like the 5-7 year olds that they are!


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