Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my first blog award!

wow! i just received my first blog award!!! yea!!! i am so excited and honored!!! can you tell?! michelle at vintage junky has a beautiful blog that shares her love for her husband, sweet baby boy, and decorating! i look to her blog for inspiration! so, when i received her message that she had an award for me i just gasped! i am still doing the happy dance! there are a few things i need to do to accept this award! first, i want to thank my mother, ha, just kidding! but i do have to tell you 10 honest things about myself! so here it goes!

1. i still get car sick! i thought i would grow out of it but i still prefer to sit up front! along with that i get airplane sick too! yuck!

2. i no longer can ride on rides! you know at disney or the fair! barf!

3. after the first two, believe it or not i have bungee jumped! crazy! dont do it! my kids will not hear of this until they are adults! along with alot of other things! heehee!

4. i am not a spur of the moment type of girl! i like to have a plan!

5. i have a very sensitive smeller! i love candles but hate "outside air"smell! you know, when you have been outside all day!

6. i dont like to read! but i do like to look at magazines! and after saying this i did sign up for a book club online! hey, i am going to try!

7. i am very indecisive! i cant even decide where to eat! i am scared of making the wrong decision! it is very frustrating!

8. everything is done with a theme! which means i always use a theme whether its for a birthday party or a present! i guess this helps with my planning and indecisiveness! ha!

9. i pass out over shots, blood, injuries, just the thought of it makes me weak! so how did i give birth twice? well, with the grace of God!

10. i was engaged to someone else before i met my husband! and thank you Lord for getting me out of that one!

and i am happy to send this award to the following nominees! sounds so official!

1. my sweet friend megan at a little bit of this! she makes yummy childrens clothing&accessories!

2. erin at rare and beautiful treasures! which she is!

3. angie at bring the rain! she is a true believer!

4. lulu at lulu and co.! a wonderful new friend who has great taste!

5. layla at the lettered cottage! this girl works design magic!

6. jenn at the randolph six! a lover of family!

7. wendy at the shabby nest! she was so very kind to help this blog newbie out and she has an eye for pretty!

here are the rules!

1.) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2.) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.
3.) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4.) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving.

so, go check these fabulous girls out! they have been an inspiration and support in many ways!

thanks girls!



  1. Julie, Julie, Julie--I am on the floor!!! Wow--thank you, thank you! How nice of you to think of me! I am blushing and gushing! I never dreamed anyone would actually read my blog, but now, I have a wonderful friend like you!

  2. Congratulations on your award. I too love the "big time bloggers" you awarded.

  3. Oh I pass out with shots too! Yuck! And my sister is in Nursing school!


  4. Oh so sweet for passing the award to me :)
    I loved reading your list... you are not going to believe this but I hate the outdoor smell too! I thought this was just me! LOL when the kiddos come inside from hours of playing they have to go take a bath! or i feel ill.
    I knew we had a lot in common!!!

  5. I am just laughing because you wrote that you hate reading but joined a book club and then on the next one you wrote that your very indecisive. ha!

  6. I'm very curios to hear your story about #10! I'm a sucker for a romantic story! Also, you have good taste in music, too


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