Thursday, September 17, 2009

lunch box love!

i do write a little love note to each child and stick it in their lunchbox! everyday! it is something i have to do or the job feels incomplete! now, i have been doing this for four years so do i think he really reads each and every one?! probably not! but i have come up with a solution! i have found a couple of sites that have free downloadable lunch notes! they are so cute, bright, funny, and e.a.s.y! need i say more! i thought i would show you where to get these handy dandy notes so you to can have it easy!

twig & thistle

skip to my lou

and for some funnies try kraft foods!

now go and give your cutie a free printable love note!

from one mommy to another!



  1. I can not wait to do this. My mom used to do this everyday when I was in elementary school and it is one of my most favorite childhood memories. Thanks for the great reminder.

  2. Thanks from this mommy to you! I love them all! My kids love when I send them notes, well my oldest tells me it is embarassing, but I think he really likes it ;)

  3. So cute! I will have to remember that! You have an award at my blog.

  4. I always write a note on any piece of paper i can find in a hurry, this is perfect! thanks for sharing!!

  5. Oh you're a good mom! Too cute!


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