Friday, September 25, 2009

friday favorites+thank you!

today i am featuring a blog that is on my lists of favorites! rare and beautiful treasures! erin is the author of this wonderful blog! she is a wife and a soon to be mommy! her blog features beautiful decor, her love for family, and her love for the Lord! she is also a very giving person! her blog was nominated for "home and food" at divine caroline where you can go and vote for her! if she wins she will receive $250! guess what she is going to do with this money?! she is donating it to missionary friends running a children's hospital in Ethiopia!!! how awesome is that?! erin has also been giving to me! she is letting me advertise my etsy shop on her blog! for free! see, i told you she was a giver! so erin, i just want to send a big thank you for helping out this newbie blogger and etsy shop owner! you are sure doing a great job of serving the Lord! well, go check her out and see what i am talking about!

have a great weekend!


  1. I just checked out this block and it is lovely. I added it to my reading list, thanks for the info. I also wanted to let you know you won the Starbucks gift card in my giveaway. Can you email me your address and I'll get that right out to you. Thanks so much for playing!!!

  2. The blog world is such a wonderful place! friends helping friends!!
    happy weekend,

  3. she sounds like a real sweetie! I will have to take a peek! ;)


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