Friday, September 18, 2009

friday favorites=funky lunch!

since i am on the topic of lunch, check out these fun and amazing sandwiches at funky lunch! it all started with someone wanting to make lunch exciting and healthy for kids! wow! they are wanting to write a book with instructions on creating these wonderfully detailed sandwiches! i am having trouble calling them sandwiches! maybe they could call them "funwiches"! i just love hearing about people coming up with a great idea and going for it! but usually i follow it up with "why didnt i think of that"! check out these cuties and maybe one day you will have their book in your kitchen!

noah would love this one!

this would be purrfect for jillian!

and this is what i look like most days!

have a fun weekend!



  1. how cute!! i don't know if I would want my kids to eat them after I made them they are so cute!!! you know of so many good ideas!!

  2. adorable! now if i could get that creative at 6 AM!!!! lol

  3. If my girls found a hello kitty sandwich in their lunch box they would think I'm the coolest mom ever! Maybe I will surprise them!

  4. That is so cute! Thanks for letting me know about my button... Mr. Hughes fixed it!



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